Yerra is a local Aboriginal word that means "To Fly or Soar" and is represented by the eagle.

Lets soar together

Service Catalog

Yerra is a majority owned Canberra based Indigenous business which provides ICT and Recruitment Services.


Infrastructure, Servers and Storage systems, End User Computing, Unified Communications, Mobile computing, Audio Visual, Networking

Website Design & Bespoke Development

Cyber Security, Digital Identity & Identity Management, Application Development (Mobile/Enterprise).


SaaS, Security, Virtualisation, Software Renewals, Microsoft Enterprise Agreements, Performance Management.


Digital Transformation & Transition, Cloud – IAAS, PAAS, SAAS, Cloud Readiness & Planning, Architecture, Business Development

Contracting and Recruitment

With over 20 years experience we provide, recruitment, contracting, managed staffing solutions and consulting services through our resources and those of our partner companies..

Our Philosophy


We believe in working together to get the vision right.

We spend more time, upfront seeing & listening to make sure our organisation understands your vision, this leads to lower total costs, faster time to market, and happier staff transition.

Inclusion & Co-Operation

We put inclusion and co-operation as a central construct when creating Yerra.

Diverse opinions and transparency in the decision making process allow our staff to come up with innovative solutions that better mesh with your organisations customers and employees.

Continuous Innovation

We pushing ourselves to re-evaluate industry norms.

We don't turn our back on the past; we embrace and channel it. We don't want to be just another IT Services company, we don't want build solutions you like; we want to build solutions you love.

Our CEO: Dion Devow

Dion Devow

CEO Founder

Dion has over 20 years of experience working in an around community development, and has previously established successful businesses. In 2014 he was awarded ACT NAIDOC business person of the year by the ACT Chief Ministers and Economic Development Directorate, and is currently ACT NAIDOC Person of the year.

Dion is also an Ambassador for Indigenous Community Volunteers, and was recently elected by the ACT Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, Rachel Stephen-Smith to the ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body.

Yerra is one of only a few Indigenous ICT companies in an industry that is not highly represented in terms of participation by Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander peoples. Dion would like to be a leader in changing this by encouraging Indigenous Australians to choose ICT as a career.

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